Pedigree Pending

Sire: Sirocco The Boss of TopGunBengals

This boy I cannot say enough about, his look is like nothing I have seen before in my career breeding his glitter and flow of rosettes is unmatched. The Boss lives up to his name featuring huge pancake like rosettes, no rib bar , exceptional head.... he really is the full package we are so lucky to have him and we would like to thank our amazing friend Anna of Sirocco Bengals for this EXTRAORDIANRY boy 

Apollo's Pedigree Report

Sire: Myanmar Apollo of TopGunBengals

Apollo is a star; He is a very large boy , he features a gorgeous "open" rosetted pattern, no bars, amazing contrast, shimmering glitter, large head profile, puffy whisker pads, short ears, lovely wide green eyes and large thick tail. We are so lucky to be his caretaker and have him as a part of the family, thank you so much Diana at Kanpur and Myanmar for this beautiful boy. He is a real stunner.

Jax's Pedigree Report

Sire: Bengaluxe Jax of TopGunBengals

Jax is our gorgeous silver boy, his temperament is like no other, Jax is always strapped to our hip, he is totally a house cat...We chose this boy because we love his stunning rosettes but also his expression, we love his "cat eyes" and great chin profile. Jax has some awesome small rounded ears and is overall a big boy. Thank you Louis for this amazing boy.


Vera's Pedigree Report

Dam:  RosKOSH Vera Bepa of TopGunBengals

Vera is one of my favorite queens we have here at TGB, she is just a love. She produces some really good quality kittens. Vera has a lovely flowy rosetted pattern with gorgeous glitter. Her contrast is top notch, she has a lovely rounded head profile, puffy whisker pads and puffy tail. Her flow of rosettes is  just exceptional. She is also a great mother to all her babes.

Pedigree coming

Dam: Sirocco Bora Bora of TopGunBengals

We are so excited to have added this beautiful girl, Bora features very large rosettes with amazing contrast and gorgeous brown golden color. Bora is everything that we are striving to breed in the coming years, she has short ears and amazing temperament she will be having her first kittens 2021-2022 Thank you to our great friend Anna for this exceptional girl

Pedigree coming

Praslin Malibu of TopGunBengals

Malibu is a clouded rosetted silver, which is rather hard to find, she is one of the very best I have seen. Her rosettes are very open and bright. Malibu features a beautiful profile with great contrast. We would like to thank Nikoletta for this gorgeous girl, she is everything we ever wanted in a silver. We continue to strive to produce beautiful kittens with clouded/big rosetted pattern and this girl will take our silver program to new heights.

Galina's Pedigree Report

Dam: Bengaluxe Galina of TopGunBengals

Galina is a very unique charcoal, she carries apb/apb and will bring awesome new colors to our program. We chose this girl because of her very unique wild expression and flow of spotted/donut rosettes. She features short rounded ears and good head profile. This girl is truly unique, thank you Louis from Bengaluxe for trusting us with you're babies!

Pedigree coming

Dam: Kanpur Sadie of TopGunBengals

Sadie is our new upcoming girl.  She is an amazing kitten that features everything we strive to breed for, she is going to be a great addition to our cattery. She has a lovely flow of round rosettes that are close to each other to give amazing contrast. She has spotted toes, rounded short ears and good head profile. We absolutely love her look and are excited to see her first kittens !

Thank you Diana at Kanpur Bengals for trusting us with this awesome girl.

Pedigree coming

Dam: Oasis Bengals Duchess of TopGunBengals

Duchess is our dear seal lynx Queen. Duchess is one of the best snows that I have seen and when we saw here we had to have her. She has amazing flow of rosettes and good contrast already as a kitten! she has small rounded ears and good head profile...Duchess is going to be having babies 2021-22

Thank you Vlad and Elena for this beauty.

Future Additions to come 2021