Klaus' Pedigree Report

Sire: RosKOSH Klaus of Top Gun Bengals

Klaus is the star of our cattery. He is a very large boy at 18lbs, he features a gorgeous sparbled rosette pattern, amazing contrast, shimmering glitter, large head profile, puffy whisker pads, short rounded ears, lovely wide green eyes and large puffy tail. Klaus was purchased from a good friend of mine in Russia. I am so lucky to be his caretaker and have him as a part of the family, thank you so much Bepa for this beautiful boy. He is a real stunner boy.

Pedigree coming​

Sire: Alamazone Chome of Topgunbengals

Chome is our dear snow lynx male, he features lovely large rosettes, great head profile, spotted legs, short rounded ears and exceptional tail. He has a dominate demeanor and loving affectionate personality. Thank you Alexandra for trusting us with this  


Fleetwood's Pedigree Report

Dam: RosKOSH Fleetwood Mac of Top Gun Bengals

Fleetwood is one of our youngest queens in our family. She has a wonderful loving social temperament. She features gorgeous donut/pawprint rosettes, great contrast, good head shape, puffy whisker pads, large green eyes and exceptional puffy tail, she is a very special girl. Fleetwood is the best momma with all her kittens, she loves being a mom!

Vera's Pedigree Report

Dam:  RosKOSH Vera Bepa of Top Gun Bengals

Vera is one of my favorite queens we have here at TGB, she is just a love. She produces some of the best looking offspring that I have seen in my my years of breeding. Vera has a lovely clouded (connected) rosetted pattern with gorgeous glitter. Her contrast is top notch, she has a lovely rounded head profile, short rounded ears, puffy whisker pads and puffy tail. Her flow of rosettes is  just exceptional. She is also a great mother to all her babes.

                                              Pedigree coming

Dam: Alamazone Ezra of Top Gun Bengals

Ezra is an absolute stunning girl, she features a gorgeous circular rosetted bengal pattern or "donut rosettes". She has shimmering golden glitter with a beautiful profile and slim muscular body structure.. She is one of our new queens for 2020 and will be expecting kittens late summer early fall.

Thank you Alexandra for trusting us with this lovely girl.

Pedigree coming

Dam: Kanpur Sadie of Topgunbengals

Sadie is our new upcoming girl for 2020/2021, She is an amazing kitten that features everything we strive to breed for, she is going to be a great addition to our cattery. She has a lovely flow of round rosettes that are close to each other to give amazing contrast. She has spotted toes, rounded short ears and good head profile. We absolutely love her look and are excited to see her first kittens !

Thank you Diana at Kanpur Bengals for trusting us with this awesome girl.

Midnight Pearl's Pedigree Report

Dam: Top Gun Bengals Midnight Pearl


Pearl is a seal point lynx, Seal points are always born with a pure white coat and have bright blue eyes. Markings can sometimes start to appear as early as a couple of weeks and continue to develop into adulthood. Seal point lynx carry two copies of the Siamese (cs/cs) color genes. Pearl makes it possible for us to have snow bengals in our cattery. She is one of our older queens who will be retiring in the next year or so. We are keeping some of her offspring next litter.

Future Additions to come 2020

(pics coming)